Exposeert tot eind augustus in Cafe op 2

Een samenwerking tussen twee Amsterdamse kunstenaars
Evert A. Robles & Steven Sikkens

Their creative process is void of rules as the artists leave their comfort zone and engage in an alchemical sublimation of their styles. Both Robles and Sikkens painting over the other’s work, as they like, resulting in a catalytic cross-pollination.

Individually, both artists cover a broad spectrum, rendering them rather hard to define or to be type-casted. The intuitive combination of their individual styles leads to a compelling, increasingly elusive style of imagery, which neither artist would have individually created. Some of the diverse influences in their artistic DNA: Chagall meets Basquiat meets Dali, Richter meets Moreau, Bosch and Picasso to Cobra and Street Art to name a few.

EvoStevo imagery echos back to the beginning of time, while simultaneously firmly diving head first into the future worlds. Both Robles and Sikkens are fueled by a broad, eclectic scope of interest including long-held fascinations with ancient cultures such as Sumer and Egypt, spirituality as well as with intergalactic alien life in the Cosmos and in other dimensions – as intriguingly, both Robles and Sikkens sense intergalactic interest in their creations.

Instead of extensive planning or each creating individual elements on their part of the canvas, the images are intuitively composed. As a result of this there is a synergy in styles: 1+1=11. This, in turn leads to a new combined style in which the artists often feel more free to experiment than they do in their own work. To complete the cycle, these influences are integrated into their own individual styles.